Inspired by regenerative design

We apply a whole systems approach in the stage of product development.

It's a matter of circularity

Our building units are based on the principle of closed-loop material cycles. They are made to last and can be reused after their useful life. We use high-quality byproducts from agriculture crops for their making, therefore we call them circular. Following benefits occur as a result:

in terms of usage

  • optimal durability
  • reparability
  • modularity

in terms of production

  • low embodied energy
  • material efficiency

It's a matter of resources

The main constituents are sourced from local farms, where one of the very oldest of domesticated plants is grown for food and skin care. It is called Cannabis Sativa L., also known as hemp.
We aspire to revitalize the regional economy by using derivatives from the stalk to make bio-composites with excellent insulation properties.
Our first product line is dedicated to solving noise-related issues in the field of room acoustics.

What makes us different

One size does NOT fit all. 
Our acoustic units are tailored to your personal needs and designed to match the flair of your indoor space.

Our insulation units are handmade. This production manner ensures a flexible workflow, so we can offer acoustic treatment in nearly any shape and color one could imagine. 

With collaborative approaches, we can create dynamic networks for the efficient use of resources in Vienna and the surrounding area. Our goal is contribute to the development of a locally oriented circular economy and aspire opportunities for long-lasting partnerships.

Our workflow


Careful customization of specific solution in close cooperation with our clients.


Handmade production using agricultural byproducts of the local hemp industry, working emission-free.


From the first sketches to the final installation of our product we have 100% commitment.

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We work in compliance with

the UN Sustainable Development Goals