Interior Soundproofing



  • set your preferences first
  • measure, design and build
  • deliver and install
  • tell us about your taste
  • get a 3D visualization
  • choose which services to use


The flexibility of our material opens up space for an endless variety of possible shapes. Therefore, we are keen on laying your artful preferences as the foundation for your acoustic system design. 


Afterwards, it is time to build the puzzle. The making process inspires handicraft operations and invites the beauty of craftsmanship to give  an organic touch to your interior. 


No extra planning needed! We take care of the transportation and installation of your interior acoustic system with precision and efficacy. 

Give your wall a:



Engrave your brand name or a thought, add a quote or tell a little story through your panels.

Combine the best of the art and tech worlds! Display visual content, an image or simply add your logo on.  

Choose a service package


  • Design
  • Acoustic system

All in one

  • Design
  • Acoustic system
  • Delivery
  • Installation

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